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This is the first in a series of workshops addressing key aspects of nonprofit leadership, including Leading Change, Nonprofit Governance, and Metrics and Evaluation. Beginning in Fall of 2017, INL will offer a 10-session certificate program in Nonprofit Leadership. Check out the workshop flyer.


The Institute is a bold new initiative preparing to launch a high-quality, in-depth curriculum-driven training program for Central Illinois nonprofit leaders. Additional committee members from Academia and nonprofit, business and government sectors are needed to help with our growing marketing and fundraising efforts!

What Is The Institute for Nonprofit Leadership?

The Institute for Nonprofit Leadership is an exciting new effort to create a high-quality, results-driven comprehensive training program for Central Illinois nonprofit organizations and their leaders. Our vision is to create a competitive edge for nonprofit organizations and employees, and to strengthen the positive impact the nonprofit sector has in all Central Illinois communities and the entire region.

In 2016, the Institute will launch a comprehensive curriculum- and cohort-driven excellence program focusing on 10 core competency areas for nonprofit organizations. The program will consist of 10 months of bi-weekly or monthly in-person and online training sessions. Sessions will rotate around Central Illinois to build cross-community connections. Attendees will apply their learning in self-driven homework assignments between sessions, creating real change in participating organization’s operations.

Successful attendees will earn a certificate from Illinois State University’s College of Business, a certification also supported by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Eastern Illinois University, Parkland College, and the Central Illinois Nonprofit Resource Center at the University of Illinois at Springfield. This is a program being developed specifically for current and aspiring Central Illinois nonprofit Executive Directors and top level nonprofit management team members.

In addition to the academic backing noted above, this effort is also being supported and coordinated by a wide variety of organizations and entities, including United Ways, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Community Foundations, Donors Forum, GoodWorksConnect, do good Consulting, Broad Studio, FrontStream, and many others.


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